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A Fusion of Business and Technology

You're Connected.  Now What?

Today, Internet-based technologies have rewritten the rules for making meaningful information easily available throughout an enterprise. Sinoma Consulting, Inc. helps clients leverage the full potential of this technology by working with clients to understand their business processes and identify areas where Internet technologies can benefit. Whether it is business-to-business, vendor-to-supplier, employee-to-employer, or consumer-to-business, Sinoma Consulting, Inc. has a solution for you.

Increase Market Presence

Sinoma Consulting, Inc. will create web sites that attract new customers, shorten sales cycles, improve prospect qualification and enhance customer communications. Sinoma Consulting, Inc. can show you how to supplement traditional marketing communications with Internet advertising and an Internet presence.

Build Stronger Partnerships

Use an Extranet and benefit from a closer and more effective relationship with strategic partners. Give your partners access to information that enhances their ability to sell your products, show your capabilities to their customers, or order more product.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Let the Internet be part of a customer help desk. Automate problem handling and resolution. Improve customer communications and establish feedback mechanisms between your organization and suppliers, customers and prospects.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Emphasize enhanced productivity by improving the flow of information between departments and individuals within your organization. Lower the cost of marketing and sales, customer service, and internal communications. Optimize operational efficiency.

Increase Revenues

Explore on-line sales and electronic distribution. Integrate Internet functions with corporate databases.


Sinoma Consulting, Inc. e-Business will web-enable your organization. We offer:

  • Strategy Assessment Services
  • Development Services
  • Corporate Integration Services

Whichever solution is right for your organization, we have a proven rapid development methodology. We have the technical and creative expertise necessary to design, build, implement and maintain a successful e-Business solution.

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