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Employing Our Partnership Sourcing Approach for the Optimal Benefit

Are you plagued by critical staff shortages and escalating IT labor costs? Don't let increased demands for new strategic business systems detract from your ability to keep your legacy applications from supporting your day-to-day operations. Sinoma Consulting, Inc. will partner with your IT staff to ensure all your application maintenance needs are met. We have the staff, processes, and expertise to take on the responsibility of maintaining your existing portfolio and to help you be successful.

The Issues

Maintenance has become the largest component of most software budgets. Combined with this, most IT organizations are faced with:

  • IT focus on new business initiatives
  • A shortage of skilled IT resources
  • Retaining and recruiting staff
  • Lack of disciplined process and weak metrics for maintenance functions

These issues often lead to dissatisfaction with the performance of the IT organization.

The Solution

Sinoma Consulting, Inc. offers a unique solution to this dilemma - Partnership Sourcing. We work with you as an extension of your staff, in a true team environment. The key to our success is a strong on-site team, supported by experienced off-site/offshore resources. The result is long-term relationships with our clients.

Our unique approach is based upon a methodology for delivering projects in one of our maintenance centers. Our consultants will take you through our well-defined processes that will transition your application portfolio to a maintenance center. What is unique about our approach is that a small team will remain on-site, to ensure the quality and productivity of the work that is being done in our off-site or offshore location. Their presence will allow you to interface with the team as needed.

The Benefits

We have developed a formal process for outsourcing and maintaining a client's portfolio of applications. By outsourcing your legacy applications to Sinoma Consulting, Inc., you can better utilize your in-house resources and leverage their business knowledge to:

  • Focus on strategic business initiatives
  • Initiate Business Solutions Framework (BSF) initiatives
  • Facilitate shift to new technology

Delivery Options

We can provide application maintenance:

  • Entirely on-site
  • Off-site in one of our regional delivery centers
  • Offshore in our facilities in Belarus, Russia or Argentina
  • A combination of on-site, off-site, and offshore
Regardless of which option is chosen, we have the technology in place to make the transition seamless.

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